Award-Winning Treatments at AVIE! Leesburg, VA

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with the highest quality treatments and servicesWe are so pleased to report that several treatments on our menu have been recognized by NewBeauty magazine, a leading beauty authority, for being the Best of the Best! Here’s a look at our award winners, and why they are so universally loved!

CoolSculpting®—Best Noninvasive Fat Eliminator
No surprise here! This makes the 6th consecutive year that CoolSculpting non-invasive fat reduction has won an award from NewBeauty, and we are totally thrilled because it means our determination to bring you the absolute best treatments and results is being validated! We have been offering CoolSculpting since 2013, having performed over 4,000 treatments, and we couldn’t agree more that it’s an award-winning treatment! When it comes to reducing fat without surgery, it’s hard to beat the chilling power of CoolSculpting.

EMSCULPT®—Best Innovations
Without a doubt, EMSCULPT deserves an award for being one of the most innovative treatments of 2019! The world’s first muscle-toning and fat reduction treatment helps to tone and shape your abdomen or buttocks without invasive measures or downtime. EMSCULPT works by stimulating your muscles with high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, essentially working out your muscles without the work!

Botox®—Best Wrinkle-Erasing Injectable
This tried-and-true wrinkle zapper hits wrinkles at their source, in the muscles underlying those persistent lines. When you relax the muscle, you’re left with smooth, wrinkle-free skin! Best of all, Botox works as a preventive, too, keeping wrinkles from forming in the first place, which has made it a staple aesthetic tool among the young and old alike.

Volbella®—Best Filler for Plumper Lips
Natural-looking lip enhancement is a breeze to pull off with Volbella. This award-winning treatment is specially formulated with smaller molecules of hyaluronic acid (HA) to provide a subtle smoothing and enhancement for up to a year of plumped, younger-looking lips.

Eskata®—Best Innovations
Seborrheic keratoses, or SKs, are raised dark spots on your skin. Though they are a nuisance, SKs are harmless, and they aren’t your fault! Genetics is the usual culprit. But there’s an easy solution for banishing raised spots with Eskata, the only FDA-approved, in-office topical treatment for SKs. With a pen-like applicator, this hydrogen-peroxide-based solution takes only minutes to administer and reveals clearer, spot-free skin for the long haul.

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with the highest quality treatments and services. You deserve the best! To learn more, please schedule a consultation with us today by calling 703.870.3844  or completing our online consultation request form.

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