Eskata Raised Spot Removal

Raised skin spots, known as seborrheic keratoses, are a harmless yet unsightly part of the natural aging process. Now these irregular marks can be easily and painlessly removed with Eskata® raised spot removal treatment.

FDA-approved Eskata is a concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution that’s applied directly to each spot using a convenient pen-like applicator. The treatment is quick, painless and involves little to no downtime. Eskata is a major treatment advancement. Previously, raised skin spots could only be removed with surgery, freezing, scraping, or lasering.

Commonly Asked Questions About Eskata Spot Removal at AVIE!:

What happens during my Eskata treatment?
First, your skin will be cleaned with alcohol. Next, we will apply Eskata raised spot removal solution to each area. After a minute, the cream is reapplied, for a total of four times.

Are there any side effects with Eskata?
You may experience some mild redness, itching or stinging during the treatment but this will quickly subside as the process is completed. You may also experience some crusting over the treated area, but this will resolve on its own in the days following treatment. It’s important to keep your treatment areas protected from sun exposure by using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher with both UVA and UVB protection.

Is Eskata painful?
Eskata is generally well tolerated. Some patients experience a strong itching or tingling feeling during the treatment, but this sensation is temporary.

Is there any downtime with Eskata?
Downtime depends on the area being treated. Most people can resume their regular activities following treatment.

Will I need more than one treatment?
Most people need only one treatment, but some patients may require two or three to achieve optimal results.

Is Eskata safe?
FDA-approved Eskata is safe for treating skin spots on all skin types.

Can I apply Eskata myself at home?
No. Eskata is safe for use when administered by a trained clinician in a professional setting.

How can I get started with Eskata spot treatment?
Call AVIE! to schedule your free Eskata Raised Spot Treatment consultation ay 703.870.3844 or click here to contact us.

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