Article: Spring Cleaning For Your Skin: Exercise It!

Take inspiration from the change of seasons and spring into gorgeous skin this season with a little help from AVIE! MedSpa & Laser Center in Leesburg, VA, a premier medical spa that caters to the skin care needs of affluent greater Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

“Spring is the season of renewal and, if you’re like most women, your skin needs a little spring cleaning and TLC after harsh winter conditions,” says Kim Marinetto, master aesthetician and owner/operator of AVIE!. “Just like you need to exercise your body to get in shape for spring and summer styles, it’s essential to exercise your skin. How do you exercise your skin? With age-defying med spa services, like those available at AVIE!, you’ll enjoy a glowing, radiant complexion this season and all year long.”

After months of cold weather and dry skin, exfoliation of dead cells is first on Marinetto’s list. “Microdermabrasion is a great treatment for every skin type and tone because it is a non-invasive treatment that gently removes the outer layer of the skin to reveal a gorgeous spring glow. It is great for treating fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, acne scars, sun damage, age spots and it’s a cornerstone in our custom designed exercise your skin programs,” says Marinetto. Many women opt for microdermabrasion in spring because of the many weddings – and photo ops – they will be in, since results are quick to appear and downtime is no time at all.

Chemical peels are another great way to exercise skin at AVIE! because they can undo the sun damage of years’ past. Chemical peels significantly improve fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. “Our special AVIE! BrilliancePlus package combines the benefits of both chemical peel and microdermabrasion, so this is a great option for those who want the exfoliation of a microdermabrasion with the dramatic anti-aging results of a peel,” says Marinetto.

Winter months usually call for heavier skin care products, but as temperatures heat up, they necessitate a switch to gentler, lighter products, such as water-based moisturizers and masks, that brighten as well as hydrate. Marinetto’s recommendations are Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum and the Ageless Total Anti-Aging Serum with stem cell technology.

It’s also important to know that heavy winter skin care products and cosmetics can clog pores and cause breakouts once temperatures rise. Choose products that let skin breathe; mineral cosmetics, like GloMinerals, which are available at AVIE!, are a great choice.

Most important for exercising your skin this spring? Sunblock! “A common question around this time of year is – what strength sunblock should I be wearing?” says Marinetto, “A sunblock of 30 or higher is recommended for daily use and 50 if you plan to be outdoors. A key part of exercising your skin is prevention, so we encourage our clients to never leave the house, in any season, without sunblock!”

Article: Exercise Your Skin? A New Concept in Skincare.

If you’re like most women, you’re rushing from work to home, to sports, to school functions — cutting corners along the way- while still hoping to get the most out of life. Kim Marinetto, RN and Master Aesthetician at AVIE! MedSpa and Laser Center in Leesburg, VA has a unique philosophy when it comes to taking care of your skin. Exercise it! What? How does one exercise their skin you say? “Our skin is an organ, just like our hearts and lungs,” says Kim, “if we don’t take care of it, exercise, feed it the right nutrients, provide it an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, and minimize stress – then we’ll be looking at skin that reflects wear and tear. It deserves attention, it’s our largest organ!”

“Exercising your skin is like going to the gym,” explains Kim, “you wouldn’t go to the gym for 3–4 months and expect those results to last if you didn’t continue to work out, would you? Visualize a new mattress; it’s perky, bouncy and has firm coils. Over time however, it begins to breakdown — it doesn’t have as much spring or support anymore. It develops divots (like wrinkles), begins to sag in spots and shows areas of wear and tear. The mattress is like our skin.” The solutions for aging skin are prevention, stimulation and maintenance. Medical spa skincare and laser treatments stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin which allow the skin to generate new collagen. When stimulated properly, skin is able to repair and rebuild itself. Even years of sun damage can be reversed with the right treatments.

A woman in her 30s has different skin issues than a woman in her 40s or 50s. A 30 year old‘s skin generally doesn’t show a lot of aging yet. Their cell turnover is still normal; therefore they can afford to focus on preventing damage and maintaining their skin. A person who is 40 or 50 years old typically needs a more aggressive approach. The focus for this patient will be around correction, stimulation, maintenance and prevention. First we must stimulate the skin. Their cell turnover has slowed down significantly. Issues such as lax skin, wrinkles, sun damage / brown spots, hormonal acne and redness are common. Treatments such as fractional laser skin resurfacing correct issues such as texture, enlarged pores, scars and lines. Whereas, photo facials or photo rejuvenation addresses pigment issues; removing the effects of sun damage (brown spots and wrinkles). Laser skin tightening stimulates fibroblasts, which increases collagen production that firms and tightens the skin.

At AVIE!, new patients receive a thorough complimentary consultation. Understanding health choices, environmental factors, skin structure, your current maintenance program and the establishment of realistic expectations are all part of patient education and lead to successful results. A good skin care program, like a workout routine, should be based on your current conditions and your goals.

“We’re excited about one of our newest treatments: Brighten & Tighten™— our patients are raving about the results!”says Kim. A special combination of photo rejuvenation and skin tightening treatments are performed on the face and neck. Brighten & Tighten™ begins by lifting brown pigment from the skin and shrinking blood vessels, thus reducing redness. We then follow with laser skin tightening which stimulates collagen and elastin production, correcting crepe-like and saggy skin. The anti-aging benefits are amazing. Studies show that patients who had their skin corrected and received maintenance treatments 1–2 times per year had brighter, tighter and plumper skin with noticeably smaller pores. Best of all, their friends and family are saying “Wow! You look fabulous — have you been on vacation?”

AVIE! Medspa & Laser Center offers the latest cosmetic medical spa treatments in a relaxing spa setting in Leesburg, VA. Owner, Kim Marinetto, RN and Master Aesthetician, in conjunction with Medical Director, Khalique Zahir, MD provide customized programs so each client’s needs are addressed on an individual basis. Treatments have minimal to no downtime. Services include: ProLipo™, Zerona™, Botox®, Juvedérm™, Chemical Peels, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Laser Hair Removal, Clinical Facials and Medical Weight Loss. Consultations are complimentary and financing is available. For more information call 703.348.2265 or visit

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