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You know those annoying, scaly, raised spots of skin on your face or body?You know those annoying, scaly, raised spots of skin on your face or body? They may look sort of like a giant freckle or mole, except they are flatter and often more discolored. No matter how you describe them, these raised spots on your skin, called seborrheic keratoses (SKs), are harmless yet unsightly and bothersome.

If you love the idea of having clear, spot-free skin, it’s time to visit us for a consultation and learn about Eskata®, the latest and most advanced treatment for raised spots, or SKs. We’re thrilled to report that Eskata is one of NewBeauty’s 2019 Award Winners for being one of the “Best Innovations” of the year!

Though SKs are harmless, they can be quite a nuisance to your appearance. Eskata is a simple solution that we apply to your spots in a matter of minutes during your office visit. A single treatment is usually all it takes to achieve your desired results, but some patients benefit from a series of treatments, depending on the size and number of spots you have.

To give you an idea of how easy Eskata spot treatment truly is, we’ll describe a treatment. One Eskata session involves applying the FDA-approved solution to your target areas, waiting a minute for the solution to soak in, and then reapplying the cream for a total of 4 applications. You may experience some mild redness at your treatment sites and some crusting over your treatment areas, but these side effects will resolve on their own within a few days following your treatment. You may also experience a tingling or itching sensation, but these reactions subside fairly quickly.

Best of all, Eskata is safe for treating all skin types! And there’s little to no downtime! To learn more about Eskata spot treatment, please call 703.870.3844  or request your consultation online today!

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