Minimally Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening with ProLipo™ Plus Body Sculpting Laser System!

  • Treats fat and tightens skin through heating and coagulation of soft tissue with results that the patient can see immediately.*
  • Comfortable and quick body contouring.
  • Laser Liposuction with ProLipo™ plus is minimally invasive, a quick procedure and allows fast recovery. It does not require general anesthesia.
  • Minimal Downtime – Patients return home the same day and can resume normal activities within a few days, although results will vary.


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ProLipo™ testimonials from some of AVIE!’s clients*

I have always been very ‘hippy’. Over the years no matter how much I run and work out the saddle bags and the “butt- below the butt” always seems to be there. I never thought I would have lipo, and would simply live with it. Then I heard about laser lipo and it seemed to be a great alternative to traditional lipo and the trauma I’ve seen inflicted on Dr. 90120! I met with Dr. Vasquez at Avie and immediately felt comfortable in her care. The procedure was amazingly easy, the nurse and owner Kim was wonderful, she made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure and the recovery was so quick I couldn’t believe it. I took the following day off of work to rest but aside from soreness was not in any pain and returned to work the day after that. Within 3 weeks I am into my skinny-skinny jeans,( you know the ones you buy thinking they’ll stretch or you’ll lose weight, ha!) and have a completely different body in my hip area. I am so glad I decided to go ahead with this procedure and would do it again knowing how easy and quick the recovery was! – Sue M.

I had been unhappy with my body shape for many years. Over the past few years I basically gave up on being able to do anything about my mid abdominal “tire”. Many times I looked in the mirror and tried to accept that it was the body of a woman who’s had 5 kids. My main concern was being unable to meet the needs of my family if I chose to have traditional lipo. But when I found out about ProLipo™ and the relative convenience and limited down time, I was sold!

I met with Dr. Vasquez at Avie at an open house and I was able to ask questions regarding the procedure. I did have a little anxiety leading up to the actual procedure, but Dr. Vasquez and Kim Marinetto explained each step before and even during the procedure. I was able to undergo the procedure with very little medication which made me very happy.

I am writing this testimonial 2 days following my procedure. I was able to return to work immediately and the after school craziness a family of 7 can have. I will miss out on a couple of weeks of Tae Kwon Do and dance classes, but my new silouette will be a beautiful trade off! – Maria R.

You’ve tried dieting and exercise. Yet parts of your body have simply refused to slim down or tone up. Now you can change all that with Laser Liposuction at AVIE! Our Medical Director and surgeon, Dr. Khalique Zahir, performs Laser Liposuction with our ProLipo™ Plus System. ProLipo™ is a revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment that does something no fitness routine in the world can: permanently destroy fat cells. Since you have only a finite amount of fat cells, no new fat cells are regenerated – and you can finally have that body you’ve always wanted.

If you’re considering a treatment and are interested in learning how ProLipo™ Plus can help you look fitter and younger, please schedule a free consultation by calling us at AVIE! Med Spa & Laser Center: 703.870.3844 or click here to contact us.

Commonly Asked Questions about Laser Liposuction:

How does ProLipo™ Plus Laser Liposuction (Body Sculpting) work?
ProLipo™ Plus makes use of a high energy laser wavelength to melt fat cells. The procedure is performed using a small cannula (or tube) inserted into the skin. A laser fiber inside of the cannula delivers energy directly to fat cells, causing them to rupture and drain away as liquid. Then the skin (dermal tissue) around the area is heated, resulting in overall tighter skin tissue.

What areas of the body can be treated with Laser Liposuction?
ProLipo™ Plus is ideal for the neck, jawline, arms and male breasts, “bra fat or bra roll”, abdomen, “love handles,” “saddle bags,” inner and outer thighs and knees.

Am I a good candidate?
ProLipo™ Plus is meant for areas that do not respond to diet or exercise. The perfect candidate is in good health and of normal body weight.

How does ProLipo™ Plus compare to conventional liposuction?
Conventional liposuction requires general anesthesia and is meant to remove greater amounts of fat. In addition, conventional liposuction can leave behind loose or sagging skin. ProLipo™ provides skin tightening along with fat reduction.

How does ProLipo™ Plus compare to other laser lipolysis (liposuction) treatments?
ProLipo™ Plus employs dual wavelength capability (1064 nm and 1319 nm), providing the choice to use each wavelength individually or to combine the benefits of both for optimal body sculpting results.

Is there a recovery period?
ProLipo™ Plus is a minimally invasive procedure which usually requires only local anesthesia. Some light bruising can occur, but you’ll be able to return to work in a couple of days and resume exercise after two weeks.

How many treatments are required?
Typically only one treatment is required, although this will vary from person to person. Results can be seen within a week, with continued improvement over three to six months. A compression garment may be worn for a short period of time after treatment, depending on the body area treated.

How much does Laser Liposuction cost?
Laser Liposuction varies in cost depending upon the body part being treated. Please contact us for a consultation and fee.

How do I get started?
Call AVIE! MedSpa to schedule your complimentary Laser Liposuction consultation or for more information: 703.870.3844 or click here to contact us.

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