Kim Marinetto, RN, MA

Registered Nurse & Master Aesthetician

AVIE!’s visionary and one of its founders, Kim Marinetto is a Registered Nurse and holds a Master Aesthetician’s certification and license with the State of Virginia.  Kim Marinetto has over 20 years of experience in several areas of medicine including critical care and recovery and in the past seven years has focused her practice on cosmetic medicine.  Kim became a Registered Nurse in 1988 and received her Medical Aesthetician Certification in 2006.  Kim received her medical aesthetics certificate from Yvonne De Vilar Scientific Skin Care School in Vienna, VA and her training on BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dermal Fillers and Sclerotherapy from The Tozzi Institute of Medical Aesthetics in Palm Beach, FL. Kim is also a member of the Association of Medical Aesthetic Nurses.

With a strong commitment to excellence in her work and a dedicated focus on regular training for herself and her staff to ensure everyone is up to speed on all of the latest techniques and safety precautions, Kim Marinetto brings the perfect blend of nursing and aesthetics to her work each day. Kim is extremely committed to providing the very best treatments available, along with top-quality care and client education through AVIE! Med Spa and Laser Center.

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Recently published in I Am Modern Magazine For NOVA Moms

As a former ICU nurse, Kim Marinetto knows that assessment is key in knowing what treatment should follow. One approach does not work for all.“ It’s a team effort. The client needs to know what’s possible and attainable. My job is to help them set realistic expectations.” She should know. With a master aesthetician degree under her belt and over 20 years of experience in the medical industry, she stresses education as being the number one impact she can make when working with her clients. From advising them on which filler would make the most impact to which vitamin they may need to stop using prior to a botox injection to prevent bruising.

Kim attributes her flawless skin to chemical peels. “It helps turn over new cells, reduce fine lines, and stimulate collagen.” She is also a big proponent of the fillers. When advising me as to what she feels would best suit my needs, her recommendations were different than others I received, and totally won me over. But then she also started her consultation by handing me a mirror and asking what bothered me.

Discussing her growing practice, Kim said: “I am a mom. I wanted to make my practice accessible for women who thought they couldn’t afford it. I love what I do. But I am also all about safety. You can trust me. If I feel I can’t do it, I won’t even try.”

Kim is happy to provide each of her clients with personalized analysis and treatment. Each client is encouraged to become educated and active participants in the care of their skin and she has various skin care treatments that she is ready to recommend.

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