Awesomely Easy Winter Health Tips
Leesburg, VA

 To boost your winter wellness, here are few of my favorite self-care tips for the cold-weather months: I just adore all the simple joys of winter, from cozy cups of cocoa by the fire to early nights cuddled up with my family and our snuggly dog Cooper.

To boost your winter wellness, here are few of my favorite self-care tips for the cold-weather months:

Get a house plant.
Wintertime means closed windows, which also means a lack of fresh air and a surplus of dry indoor heat. To counteract the stale indoors, it may be time to buy a houseplant for your home and office space. While I love to eat green leafies for their health benefits, I was thrilled to learn that simply living near greenery also provides a bunch of surprising mental and physical benefits, from lowering stress to improving the quality of the air you breathe. Pretty neat, right?

Buy a light box
Are you moody during the winter months, or are you told by your loved ones that you’re crabby? You may be affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression associated with the shorter days and lack of sunlight. Experts recommend purchasing your own light box for home and/or work. Designed to mimic natural outdoor light, light boxes come in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget and are clinically proven to help improve your mood.

Try something new
Hibernation is for bears, not you! If you feel like you’re in a rut every winter, it’s time to expand your horizons. Research indicates that people who engage in a wide range of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions than people who stick to the familiar. New experiences or even a new workout are more stimulating than routine activities because they force your brain and body to find new ways to adapt. The same principle applies to new aesthetic treatments! The winter is a great time to schedule that cosmetic treatment you’ve been curious about but put off because it wasn’t essential. Now you know—that new treatment is more important to your health than you ever realized!

Move over winter woes—here comes winter wonderful! To learn more about treatments and services that are perfect for you, call 703.870.3844  or request your personal consultation today.


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