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At AVIE! Med Spa and Laser Center in Leesburg, VA, we take great pride in building lasting relationships with our clients.

But hey- don’t just take our word for it…read the testimonials below to see what our clients are saying about us.

I am writing this testimonial to sing praises of the Leesburg AvieMedspa facility staff. I am a mother of four and had for past few years been interested in the coolsculpting procedure. With my hectic work schedule and life, I was unable to come in for consultation. I finally decided to put myself as the priority and AvieMedspa staff was right there to accommodate me and support me. During the consultation, my worries were put to rest by the expertise of the aesthetician with whom I met. She took her time to assess my problem areas and provided me with all the credible scientific information I needed to make my decision. As a first time consumer of cosmetic services, I did not experience the awkwardness of a “hard sale”.

On the day of my procedure, I was cared for by the owner/nurse, Kim. She performed the procedure herself with great care and attention. Her standards are high for herself as a nurse and a business owner. This can be clearly seen and experienced the moment one steps into her facility. I will be a repeat customer for my future cosmetic needs and will be recommending her facility to my family and friends!

S. Pearson

I was always so self-conscious of my stomach…Between eating right, exercising and plenty of crunches…nothing!

I finally called AVIE! Med Spa and went in for a consultation. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself. They all made me feel really comfortable and answered every question I had for them about the ProLipo™ laser liposuction.It has been a few months since the surgery and I am happier than I have ever been!

I have gained a ton of confidence because of the great job they did on me. I even wore a bikini for the first time ever. My stomach is totally flat now and I can actually see the abs I worked so hard for. My husband was a skeptic and did not believe I would gain the results they had promised me…now he is totally blown away…

Thank you so much Avie for changing my life!


I have always been very hippy. Over the years no matter how much I run and work out the saddle bags and the “butt- below the butt” always seems to be there. I never thought I would have lipo, and would simply live with it. Then I heard about laser lipo and it seemed to be a great alternative to traditional lipo and the trauma I’ve seen inflicted on Dr. 90120! I met with Dr. Vasquez at Avie and immediately felt comfortable in her care. The procedure was amazingly easy, the nurse and owner Kim was wonderful, she made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure and the recovery was so quick I couldn’t believe it. I took the following day off of work to rest but aside from soreness was not in any pain and returned to work the day after that. Within 3 weeks I am into my skinny-skinny jeans,( you know the ones you buy thinking they’ll stretch or you’ll lose weight, ha!) and have a completely different body in my hip area. I am so glad I decided to go ahead with this procedure and would do it again knowing how easy and quick the recovery was!


I had been unhappy with my body shape for many years. Over the past few years I basically gave up on being able to do anything about my mid abdominal “tire”. Many times I looked in the mirror and tried to accept that it was the body of a woman who’s had 5 kids. My main concern was being unable to meet the needs of my family if I chose to have traditional lipo. But when I found out about ProLipo and the relative convenience and limited down time, I was sold!

I met with Dr. Vasquez at Avie at an open house and I was able to ask questions regarding the procedure. I did have a little anxiety leading up to the actual procedure, but Dr. Vasquez and Kim Marinetto explained each step before and even during the procedure. I was able to undergo the procedure with very little medication which made me very happy.

I am writing this testimonial 2 days following my procedure. I was able to return to work immediately and the after school craziness a family of 7 can have. I will miss out on a couple of weeks of Tae Kwon Do and dance classes, but my new silouette will be a beautiful trade off!


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