Eliminate Unsightly Veins

Sclerotherapy in Leesburg, VA at AVIE!: Treat Unsightly Spider Veins

Safe and Effective / Eliminate or Diminish Spider Veins*

Most common areas treated with Sclerotherapy

  • Legs

With the Sclerotherapy procedure, your medical practitioner will inject your veins with a sclerosing solution that will make them collapse and fade from sight. This can also clear up other symptoms that you may be experiencing that are associated with spider veins, like aching, burning, swelling and night cramps.

Sclerotherapy takes less than 30 minutes depending on how many veins you are having treated at once. It can be performed right in our medical spa and you can go right back to work or continue your normal daily activities. There is virtually no downtime with this procedure.*

Commonly Asked Questions about Sclerotherapy:

Where is Sclerotherapy used?
Sclerotherapy is primarily used to treat blood vessels otherwise known as spider veins of the legs.

How is Sclerotherapy injected?
Sclerotherapy is injected into the spider vein using a small needle. The agent causes the blood in the veins to displace, and then collapse and disappear over time.

Is there any downtime?
No. Following treatment, patients are encouraged to be active, resuming normal activities. They should, however, refrain from intense exercise or heavy lifting for approximately three days following treatment.

When should Sclerotherapy be avoided?
Sclerotherapy should not be used on patients who are pregnant or nursing, have a history of allergy to sclerosant or similar substances, have blood clots, or who have inflammation in their deep leg veins.

How much does Sclerotherapy cost at AVIE! ?
Sclerotherapy is priced depending on the number of veins being treated.

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