Do You Know the Age of Your Skin? Leesburg, VA

It sounds crazy, but the age of your skin is not necessarily your age. You could be 39 years old but have skin that’s 30 years old. Or, you could be 30 and have skin that’s 45 years in age. Your skin health is hidden deep down inside your skin cells, and it’s also measured by subtle things that are hard to see with the naked eye, such as pore size, hydration, age spots, and other hyperpigmentation issues, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

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So why does your skin’s age matter? Because you have the power to change it! While you can’t change the day you were born, you can change your skin’s age! Today, thanks to science, we have a slew of treatments at AVIE! that are geared toward reversing sun damage, stimulating new collagen, and revealing younger-looking, dramatically improved skin tone and texture.

To measure your skin’s age, we have a machine that uses special lighting and imaging to record several pictures of your face. Each picture measures distinct traits, such as lines and wrinkles, oil concentration, pore size, and pigmentation issues/sun damage. For example, we’ll take pictures before your Halo treatment so you can clearly see the dramatic improvements to your skin after your Halo™ treatment!

Another famous age-reversing treatment for skin is BBL! A Stanford University study discovered that regular BBL treatments performed over the long term changed the molecular structure of skin cells to behave like younger skin! Another cutting-edge skin revitalizer is Vivace Micro Needle RF! We could go on about all the treatments to consider, but there’s not enough room in this blog! So back to your skin’s age…

Of course, when you experience Halo, BBL, and other skin revitalizing treatments, you’ll be able to notice your improvements any time you look in the mirror. But the beauty of the Optic Slim device is that it tells you about the benefits you can’t see. It’s absolutely amazing that you can go from age 40 to 35 with a skin treatment, isn’t it?

To learn more about getting younger skin, please call 703.870.3844 or request a personal consultation online today.

AVIE! proudly serves clients from Leesburg, Ashburn, and all over NoVA. See you soon!

– Kim

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