Father’s Day Gift Ideas Leesburg, VA

Does the man in your life need some help achieving his body contouring goals? Show your love and support with a gift certificate to AVIE! MedSpa. He may be surprised at first, but he’ll soon be delighted when he discovers our extensive selection of leading non-surgical body contouring treatments that will help him get closer to achieving his body sculpting goals.

Here’s the skinny on three non-surgical “helpers” he’ll love:

SkinTyte II™ Skin Tightening
This non-invasive treatment sends infrared energy deep within the skin without harming the surface to stimulate the skin’s natural healing response for firmer, smoother-looking skin anywhere on the body.

The world’s most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting can help your man improve his physique without spending extra time at the gym. With no surgery and little to no downtime, CoolSculpting can help trim stubborn, pinchable areas of fat on the body for gradual, natural-looking results that last. But don’t just take our word for it. CoolSculpting was recently named one of the best treatments in the world in NewBeauty’s annual awards issue.

A series of injections with deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occuring fat-absorbing molecule in the body, can destroy chin fat for a trimmer, slimmer profile without surgery.

It’s a great time to bring out your man’s best with non-surgical treatments and benefits that last. To learn more, call 703.870.3844 or complete our Request a Consultation form today.

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