The Most Advanced PRP Treatments Are Here! Leesburg, VA

We LOVE natural beauty! We LOVE natural beauty! The fact that you can use your own body to boost your looks is absolutely incredible to us. It’s why we did our homework and underwent advanced training to become a leading provider of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. Because we are obsessed with results, we went a step further to provide the purest form of PRP—Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM).

PRFM is created by spinning a small portion of your blood through a special centrifuge which has the ability to remove almost all contaminating red and white blood cells, leaving behind only what you want and need—revitalizing blood platelets and fibrin matrix. As a result, PRFM is a stronger and more stable form of PRP that releases growth factors and healing properties at a steady pace for optimal, long-lasting benefits.

For skin rejuvenation, we use PRFM for all our PRP treatments, including PRP Facials, PRP Facelifts and PRP Hair Restoration:
PRP Facials apply the PRFM to your face and then perform microneedling to enhance your skin’s absorption of PRP and boost your skin’s natural healing process. There’s an amazing synergy between PRFM and microneedling that you’ll be thrilled to experience! We’re talking about smoother, brighter, clearer-looking skin.

PRP Facelifts inject the PRFM directly into your face to restore lost volume. We achieve optimal results typically after two treatments spaced about a month apart. For enhanced benefits, we offer the PRP Facelift Plus, which combines PRFM with dermal fillers to provide even more volume and smoothing where you need it. Some patients report that PRFM helps stretch out the duration of dermal filler benefits. We know you’ll love your brighter, younger-looking appearance.

PRP Hair Restoration injects PRFM into your scalp to help stimulate new hair growth, strengthen existing hair and slow hair loss. We perform a series of treatments over several months to achieve your goal.

It’s hard to beat a cosmetic treatment that comes from your very own body, isn’t it? Imagine a younger, more vibrant-looking you with little to no risk or downtime! To learn more about our PRFM treatments, please call703.870.3844  or request your consultation online today!

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