Brides & Graduates, Party-Prepping Season Has Begun!
Leesburg, VA

There’s nothing better than looking and feeling your absolute best during the special moments of life. There’s nothing better than looking and feeling your absolute best during the special moments of life. It’s your time to shine! You’ve come a long way, and you deserve to glow on your special day, whether it’s a wedding or graduation ceremony.

There is a catch, though! Your skin takes time to renew itself, which means now is the time to start prepping. Advance planning is the key to achieving a head-turning glow weeks or months from now.

Here’s a look at common skin concerns and our recommended treatments and timing for your best results:

For blotchiness, redness, freckles, or uneven skin tone…
Try: BBL™ photofacials.
Non-invasive photofacials are the industry standard for improving pigmentation irregularities. You name it, BBL can fade it, from dark spots and freckles to rosacea and broken capillaries. Best of all, BBL involves little to no downtime. Ideally, photofacials are a routine part of any results-driven skin care regimen. We recommend undergoing a series of BBL’s, scheduled about a month apart, for your best results. If you are interested in a photofacial to correct a specific concern before your event, we advise receiving treatment at least two weeks before you need to see results. (This is because dark spots like freckles will first darken before eventually sloughing off, which takes about two weeks.) Other treatments to consider include chemical peels, microneedling, and Halo™ laser skin renewal. We can help you choose the perfect treatment for YOU during your personal consultation!

To pamper yourself the DAY OF or DAY BEFORE your event…
Try: Signature HydraFacial!
We love Signature HydraFacial because it’s a 30-minute indulgence for your cleanest and most intensely refreshed complexion without a lick of downtime! Truly! This multi-step skin resurfacing treatment uses patented vortex suction technology and water to clear away dull skin cells and debris while infusing your dermis with revitalizing peptides and nutrients. We are always amazed how such an effective treatment can be so gentle on skin!

For overall skin enhancement, including smoother, brighter tone and texture…
Try: Laser Skin Rejuvenation!
Because we are driven to bring out your absolute best, we offer a full menu of award-winning laser skin rejuvenation treatments, including Halo™ laser skin renewal, ProFractional™ laser skin resurfacing, MicroLaserPeel®, and BBL™ photofacials. Each one of these skin rejuvenation treatments can be tailored to meet your skin’s exact needs, correcting pigmentation irregularities, brightening dullness, smoothing texture, and much more. We will help you determine the ideal treatment or combination treatment for you to realize optimal results.

Please note that we recommend undergoing laser skin resurfacing well before any special event. With Halo and ProFractional, we recommend undergoing treatment at least a month or two prior; with BBL and MicroLaserPeel, at least two weeks before your event.

In addition to laser skin rejuvenation, we offer microneedling, chemical peels, professional skin care products, and more! To discover the ideal treatments for you, please schedule a consultation with us today by calling 703.870.3844 .

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