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Fa-La-La-Luminous Skin! Leesburg, VA

If you love the idea of looking radiant under the mistletoe, there’s still time to schedule a skin-renewing treatment with us! Or, better yet, drop a hint to your loved one that you’d love a gift certificate to AVIE! in your stocking so you can look forward to glowing skin in 2020! (By the way,.
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Get Your Glow on This Holiday Season Leesburg, VA

There’s a strategy to looking your best during the hectic holiday season. But sometimes, you don’t want to strategize. You want results without worrying about downtime or schedule conflicts. If you need a complexion pick-me-up this season and you don’t have time to fuss, we’ve got you covered here at AVIE! Medspa, where results and.
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Mother’s Day Gift Idea—Amazing Skin! Leesburg, VA

Mother's Day is almost here!With Mother’s Day only a week away, we’re eager to share a gift idea that will keep on giving—professional skin care treatments and products! A recent survey in Global Cosmetic Industry reported that an astounding 71 percent of women aren’t satisfied with.
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