Can You Make Your Skin Younger? Yes! And Here’s How… Photo Facials in Leesburg, VA

BBL photo facials (which stands for broadband light) are clinically proven to help skin literally appear younger. To be honest, the real reason I consider photo facials to be the best beauty secret in town is because not everyone in Virginia is lined up right now to get one. But they would be if they knew how amazing photo facials are for their skin!

With laser skin renewal treatments like Forever Young BBL™ photo facials, you can turn back time on your skin, diminishing lines, improving elasticity, and evening out skin tone for a younger-looking, more vibrant complexion.

But please don’t just take my word for it. BBL photo facials (which stands for broadband light) are clinically proven to help skin literally appear younger. Stanford researchers studied the long-term effects of BBL photo facials, and discovered that this non-invasive laser light treatment actually helps skin cells to behave and look like younger skin, revealing firmer, more evenly toned skin with dramatically diminished lines and wrinkles.

The key to photo facials is collagen renewal. Photo facials target powerful light energy deep down into the skin without harming the skin’s surface, stimulating cellular renewal for long-term rejuvenating benefits.

What is even more amazing is that you can do all this for your skin without any downtime. BBL photo facials are completely non-invasive, so you can pencil in a daytime treatment and go about your regular schedule no worse for the wear. No one will be able to tell that you just did the most amazing thing for your skin. Only you will know that your skin is silently renewing itself deep down to gradually unveil gorgeous, show-stopping radiance!

Since laser skin rejuvenation makes your skin super sensitive to the sun, the best time of year to start scheduling your treatments is in the fall and winter, when the cooler weather hits and the sun is weaker. It’s so much easier to protect your fragile skin from the sun when you’re indoors and not at the pool or beach!

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