Ditch These Bad Beauty Habits ASAP
Leesburg, VA

You work hard to look and feel your best. You work hard to look and feel your best. You wouldn’t dream of deliberately doing something to actually make yourself look worse, would you? Sounds crazy, but if you’re prone to certain “bad beauty habits,” you may be sabotaging your looks without even realizing it. Here are some common beauty blunders worth ditching to preserve your healthy-looking radiance:

Sleeping with your makeup on.
There are no positives to sleeping with your makeup on, unless you consider breakouts and premature wrinkles good things. Washing your day away with a mild cleanser not only keeps your pores clear, but will also prime your skin for the application of results-driven serums—which is a MUST for anyone who wants a gorgeous complexion. A bedtime skin care regimen of medical-grade formulas (see our selection during your consultation) works overtime while you sleep to regenerate your skin cells and keep your complexion glowing.

One of the most notorious beauty saboteurs, stress is a game changer. In small doses, it helps us perform at our best, but the benefits stop there. We know de-stressing is easier said than done, but keeping your stress in check affords countless health and beauty benefits, lowering your blood pressure and risk of heart disease and cancer, brightening your complexion, staving off wrinkles and acne, and much, much more.

Staying up late.
There’s a reason why we call it beauty sleep! Did you know that your skin cells are working hard while you sleep to repair the damage from the day? Giving yourself 8 hours of sleep will keep your energy level high while preventing dark under-eye circles and dullness from taking over. There are so many more complexion benefits to a good night’s sleep. But we think it’s easier to just remind you of how you look and feel after a bad night’s rest. Need we say more?

Touching your face.
Picking at your pimples only aggravates them, and it also spreads germs and traps oil and dirt in your pores, which can lead to even more breakouts. To keep your skin clear, call us for a Forever Clear™ BBL acne treatment, which helps dry up and prevent breakouts from the inside out with different types revitalizing light energy. HydraFacial® is another complexion booster that can diminish breakouts and clear clogged pores for a dewy-looking radiance without downtime.

We are seriously obsessed with skin and eager to help you achieve your best complexion ever! To learn more, please call 703.870.3844  or request a free consultation today.

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