A Facelift in Minutes? The Liquid Facelift in Leesburg, VA

I love talking about the liquid facelift!Imagine revitalizing your appearance and turning back years of aging during your lunch hour. Without surgery, you can replenish lost volume, smooth away lines and wrinkles, enhance your skin’s elasticity and radiance, and much, much more. What you’re envisioning is entirely within your reach at AVIE! with a liquid facelift.

I love talking about the liquid facelift because it’s such a fresh and easy alternative to an invasive surgical procedure. A liquid facelift is simply a carefully selected combination of injectables, including Botox®, Juvéderm®, and other dermal fillers, that is administered in one efficient treatment in the comfort of our office.

Each liquid facelift is unique because it’s tailor-made to your unique features and contours. I consider a liquid facelift to be “liquid gold” because it’s sort of like magic, the way it can transform your appearance and rejuvenate your entire face without the downtime of surgery. My dedicated staff and I will take the time to understand your contours and goals and select the optimal combination of injectables for your needs. With the utmost care and skill, we will then gently administer the most precise application for achieving your very best results.

Start 2018 off with a revitalized complexion! To learn more about a liquid facelift, call 703.870.3844 or click here today to schedule a consultation.

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