Fall for Fabulous Skin Leesburg, VA

I love pumpkin spiced lattes as much as anyone, but my favorite autumnal delight is glowing skin. Yes, it’s another blog about the fact that fall is a perfect time to schedule laser skin rejuvenation treatments like Halo, BBL, ProFractional, and MicroLaserPeel®, to name just a few of the leading laser technologies. (I work hard to bring you the best because you deserve the very best results!) In case you missed the memo, the colder weather is laser treatment time because lasers and the sun go together like peanut butter and mayo. In other words, they don’t go together!

Before getting your laser skin rejuvenation treatment, here are some important tips for achieving optimal results.

Wait until all your summer color has faded.
Laser skin treatments are intended to remove sun-damaged skin, but that doesn’t mean you should come in with a tan. To get your best results and avoid any side effects like hyper or hypopigmentation, you need to undergo treatment with clean, calm, sun-protected skin.

Be patient — and don’t pick!
After your treatment, you must never rush your skin’s renewal process because it will increase your risk for side effects! Halo, for example, involves up to a week of renewal. Immediately following your treatment, your skin will look bright red and feel sunburned. This redness will gradually fade over the next few days, developing a brown, “crust-like” patina. “Though it doesn’t look so hot, it’s a sign that your skin is literally renewing itself!” says Kim. “It means healthy, vibrant new skin is on its way!” Though it’s tempting to exfoliate any roughness or flaking you see, it’s vital that you avoid picking and fussing. “Your skin knows how to heal itself; it doesn’t need interference,” says Kim. But here’s how you can help: Follow your customized, post-treatment, medical-grade skin care regimen to ensure you will love your results!

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