How Healthy Is Your Skin? Leesburg, VA

How healthy is your skin?Did you know that U.S. News & World Report recently named Loudoun County as one of the top 25 healthiest communities in the nation? Based on an annual survey that measures everything from rates of illness to environmental factors, our little corner of the world is super healthy!

So while we’re on the topic of health, let’s turn our attention to the fact that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. My job as a skin care expert is to help you achieve radiant skin at every age. And do you know what underlies every beautiful complexion? Healthy skin, of course!

Here’s a quick To Do List for keeping your skin in tip top shape:

See a dermatologist.
When was the last time you had your skin examined to check for any suspicious moles? Including your skin in your annual “maintenance” routine will help you get to know your skin better and detect any abnormalities early, when they are easiest to treat. If skin exams don’t thrill you, don’t forget that dermatologists can prescribe skin enhancers like Retin A, which work splendidly with our award-winning skin care treatments and products to boost your radiant results.

Know your ABCDE’s.
Asymmetry—if you can draw a line through the middle of your mole and the two sides match, your skin lesion is likely benign.
Border—Benign moles have even borders, whereas melanomas tend to be scalloped, notched, or uneven.
Color—Most benign moles have one color. A mole with many colors is a warning sign of melanoma.
Diameter—Malignant moles are usually larger in diameter than an eraser on your pencil tip.
Evolving—Be on the lookout for moles that change over time, and see a doctor if you notice any changes.

Hit the rewind button on sun damage.
Be good to your skin by periodically treating it to a professional skin rejuvenation treatment. From chemical peels to Halo laser skin renewal and microneedling, all our skin treatments are fabulous at exfoliating the outermost layer of skin cells that have been damaged from the sun and environmental agents. Our advanced treatments stimulate your skin’s natural healing response, spurring healthy new collagen and elastin for a bevy of benefits, including smoother texture, more even tone, and enhanced luminosity. We’ll help you choose the ideal treatment to meet your complexion’s unique needs.

Love the skin you’re in by treating it right this spring! Learn more by calling 703.870.3844  or requesting a free consultation today.

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