Lift Your Confidence! Liquid Facelift in Leesburg, VA at AVIE! MedSpa and Laser Center

Give your confidence a boost with a liquid facelift at AVIE! MedSpa and Laser Center!Individual treatments of Botox® or dermal fillers can work wonders for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, as well as keeping your face vibrant and youthful. However, at AVIE! MedSpa and Laser Center we can get you even more beautiful results out of your injectable treatments with a liquid facelift in Leesburg!

The liquid facelift combines Botox and dermal fillers to optimize your results and provide you with a rejuvenated appearance. This all-encompassing treatment is an excellent option for those who want natural-looking anti-aging results without the stress and downtime associated with surgical procedures. A liquid facelift can reduce wrinkles and fine lines between the brows, restore volume and plumpness to the lips, and add volume to loose, sagging skin for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Some results from a liquid facelift appear immediately, with maximum effects becoming noticeable one to two weeks following treatment. Liquid facelifts require no downtime and clients are free to resume their daily activities as soon as they walk out our doors.

Get the most out of your treatment! Call 703.870.3844 to schedule your consultation in Leesburg today!

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