Mother’s Day Gift Idea—Amazing Skin! Leesburg, VA

Mother's Day is almost here!With Mother’s Day only a week away, we’re eager to share a gift idea that will keep on giving—professional skin care treatments and products! A recent survey in Global Cosmetic Industry reported that an astounding 71 percent of women aren’t satisfied with their skin care. That’s MOST women, and probably you and your Mom! If you are in need of a skin care overhaul or even just a pick-me-up, it’s time to check in with the skin care-obsessed and expertly trained staff at AVIE!

We’ve devoted our practice to bringing out your best skin, so you can relax knowing our recommendations are based on real results, not hype. Here are a few gift ideas for revealing gorgeous skin for Mom and you this spring!

Chemical Peels.
Recently deemed a “Most Worth It Treatment” by RealSelf, chemical peels are appropriate for almost every skin type—and they do it all, erasing dark spots, melasma and other pigmentation irregularities while delivering an overall brightening and smoothing effect for a younger-looking, healthier-looking complexion.

Results-Driven Skin Care
We know what works. Alastin®, SENTÉ, SkinMedica®, Image® Skincare…we have curated a variety of quality skin care lines because we want only the best results for you. Give Mom a gift card, and we can help her choose the perfect formulations to address her unique complexion needs during her personal skin care consultation.

The name of the game is renewal! Out with the old skin cells, in with the new is the secret to a gorgeous, age-defying appearance. Our leading selection of skin resurfacing treatments will stimulate your skin’s natural healing response and spur new collagen and elastin growth for a dramatic range of improvements, including smoother, younger-looking skin with more even tone and vibrance. We get amazing results with every treatment on our menu, include Microneedling with PRP, Halo™ Laser Skin Renewal, ProFractional™ Skin Resurfacing, MicroLaserPeel™, HydraFacial™, and more.

We can’t wait to help you achieve your most luminous complexion yet! It’s easier than you think! To discover the ideal treatments and products for you or Mom, please call 703.870.3844  or request a free consultation today.


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