New Study: Unhealthy Lifestyle Can Age Skin 10 Years

blog_7.22.13Yes, you read that headline correctly! A new international study, published in Great Britian’s The Daily Telegraph, concludes that ‘lifestyle choices’ can account for as much as 33 percent of how old a person looks.

The study involved 585 women over 8 years and tracked participants based on lifestyle habits such as smoking, sunbathing, applying sunscreen and alcohol consumption.

Though the women in the study were all the same age, the difference in their perceived ages based on lifestyle factors was an average of 10 years and 4 months. Even researchers were shocked at the discrepancy, having believed for many years that genetics always trumped daily habits when it came to aging. The conclusion? This isn’t the case, and women with a healthy lifestyle look much younger than those who live hard.

The good news is that the advanced anti-aging procedures available at AVIE! MedSpa & Laser Center in Leesburg can do more than prevent future damage – we can actually reverse and eliminate damage of years past.

Curious what service is right for you? Ultherapy, the new, non-surgical facelift alternative, works to address structural changes such as sagging and laxity by lifting, toning and tightening skin on the brow, chin and neck. Laser skin rejuvenation treatments like Photo facials can improve skin tone, eliminating hyperpigmentation like sun spots and broken capillaries, while skin resurfacing can eliminate texture issues, such as acne scars. Best of all, these options at AVIE! are minimally invasive, posing little to no downtime.

Despite your lifestyle, AVIE! can help reveal a dramatically younger-looking you – no incisions necessary!

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