Why Combination Treatments Rule Leesburg, VA

Industry experts predicted at the start of 2018 that combination treatments would be hot—and they were right! Combining cosmetic treatments to enhance your results is one of our most powerful tools for attaining optimal benefits.

Here are just a few of our favorite synergistic pairings:

BBL Photofacial & Halo
BBL™ photofacials are non-invasive treatments that bathe your skin in bright light to stimulate its natural healing response and spur new collagen and elastin. The intense light is also ideal for eradicating stubborn pigmentation concerns like age and sun spots. Combining this light treatment with Halo™ fractional skin resurfacing is a win-win because it stimulates skin at every level for enhanced benefits.

BBL and SkinTyte II
BBL and SkinTyte II™ are two potent non-invasive skin treatments that harness energy to stimulate the skin’s natural healing response. SkinTyte helps to tighten and smooth moderately lax or wrinkled skin, while BBL photofacials help to reveal a more even skin tone. Paired together, these two treatments provide intensely rejuvenated, younger-looking skin with no downtime.

Liquid Facelifts
It’s fairly self-explanatory why injectables work so well together. Injectables are formulated to work on different areas of the face, from the forehead to your chin. Combined, they help rejuvenate the entire face, taking years off with minimal downtime and discomfort.

PRP and Dermal Fillers
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrated portion of your own blood containing potent growth factors which can rejuvenate and revitalize anywhere it’s applied, from joints to skin. When we add PRP to dermal filler treatments, it helps to lengthen the duration of benefits as well as enhance your results for months of younger-looking skin.

We are passionate about providing you with your best possible results. To learn more about combination treatments and other leading therapies at AVIE!, call 703.870.3844 or request your free consultation today!

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