Wrinkles Got You Down? Leesburg, VA

There’s no substitute for Botox® and dermal fillers. So, when we had to temporarily close shop this spring to keep you safe, we realized how hard it would be for our clients who enjoy an established injectables regimen. Fortunately, we are open again and running, and we can’t wait to help you smooth away wrinkles and replenish lost volume with an expert injectables session! It’s our passion and privilege to serve you, and our Master Injectors truly can’t wait to help you achieve your aesthetic goals!

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To help you get your very best results, here are a few tips for your next injectables session with us:

Plan ahead.

We know you’ve been without your injectables for too long, but so have hundreds of other clients, so call us as soon as you can to schedule your next injectables session to secure your place. We also recommend thinking ahead and scheduling the next few injectable sessions in advance. With our help, you’ll be able to secure a spot in our appointment book so you never miss a touch-up when you need it. Some clients schedule their injectables sessions for the year. It sounds like a lot, but when you think about it, it amounts to three Botox sessions every four months and maybe one or two dermal filler sessions, depending on your needs. An unexpected benefit of advance planning is that it saves you money, because the more you do it, the less injectable you end up needing.

We can’t wait to plump up your pout with Juvéderm®, but if you’re going to invest in fuller lips, it makes sense to give your lips a little TLC beforehand and afterward with proper hydration and exfoliation — because no one wants a plumped and parched-looking pout. Another smart investment is taking care of your skin with soothing skin care formulas. Alastin®, one of our favorite medical-grade skincare lines (which we carry in our store and is available for sale on our website), recently released INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology®, a post-injectables serum that’s specially formulated to help heal and prevent bruises and swelling after your injectables session. We highly recommend stocking up on this, and we also recommend stocking up on other results-driven skincare formulas that will help you maintain and enhance your results. Glowing skin is about strategy and involves a proactive skincare regimen based on the daily application of potent ingredients. We are obsessed with providing you with results, so we recommend consulting with us to determine which skincare products are right for your unique complexion needs. You will truly be amazed by the improvements you’ll see in your skin after incorporating medical-grade skincare into your routine!

Other aspects of doing your part include:

• Avoiding blood-thinning substances before and after your treatment. Blood thinners like alcohol, ginseng, ginkgo and garlic increase your chances of bruising.

• Hands off! The less you manipulate the area the better!

• Avoiding strenuous exercise or yoga poses that place your head upside down. This type of movement exacerbates swelling.

• Keeping it simple. The week of your injectables session is not the time to redecorate your house or plant a new garden. Give yourself time to lay low and relax while your injectables settle in and any side effects subside on their own.

We are so excited to administer your next injectables session! Call us today at 703.870.3844 or request a personal consultation online! See you soon!


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