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Shop ’Til You Drop on AVIE!’s Website! Leesburg, VA

It’s the dead of winter, and you’re out of your favorite skin care serum! Would you rather don your boots and coat to brave the elements or shop online from your cozy perch on the couch? That’s a no-brainer, right? So we are thrilled that our online shopping stores are open! Have you heard? You.
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Is Fasting Good for You? Leesburg, VA

Fasting is a hot topic lately, gaining lots of traction in the wellness community due to a growing body of positive research! Study after study indicates that certain types of fasting can provide a bevy of health benefits, lowering blood sugar, promoting weight loss, reducing inflammation and cholesterol, decreasing visceral fat, maintaining healthy blood.
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Yes, You CAN Have Glowing Skin in the Winter! Leesburg, VA

Parched, red, irritated, inflamed, flaky, itchy, rashy...all these unpleasant adjectives have one thing in common: They perfectly describe your winter skin nightmares! Many of our clients struggle with these uncomfortable and unsightly skin concerns like clockwork, as soon as the indoor heat turns on. Are you one of them? Here’s a look at why your.
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