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Do You Know the Age of Your Skin? Leesburg, VA

It sounds crazy, but the age of your skin is not necessarily your age. You could be 39 years old but have skin that’s 30 years old. Or, you could be 30 and have skin that’s 45 years in age. Your skin health is hidden deep down inside your skin cells, and it’s also measured.
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Why Vanity Is Good for You Leesburg, VA

You’re reading this blog because you have an instinctive understanding that there’s more to cosmetic treatments than meets the eye. Your favorite beauty tools provide a lot more than just a pretty face — they can be healthy, too! Here’s a closer look:Laser skin treatments and.
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It’s Time to Get Glowing! Leesburg, VA

You know how I said in last week’s blog that fall is the time to focus on YOU with body contouring treatments like EMSCULPT® and CoolSculpting®? Well, it’s also the ideal time to focus on your complexion. In other words......drum roll, please…’s laser skin rejuvenation season!Now.
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